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yeah, we love Crete – years of happiness travelling to the dusty corners of the island. Typically there every year since 2000, different places for different times, there’s so much depth we still feel like there’s a lifetime of understanding to be done. Just as well we can do it such beautiful surroundings.

This site is a massive undertaking, think every guide book you’ve ever seen and add a telephone directory. It will take time just to add the information so please bear with us; on top there is the back-end development work. We prioritise essential tourist information and businesses important to tourists. Get in touch with requests or if you have anything to offer.

‘Real Crete’ promotes the qualities of Crete

We feature news from the island as well as features on places, activities and specifics of life there. You will find many posts in the Zeitgeist on politics and business – whilst perhaps not what you want to think about on holiday, an understanding of the issues that affect the Cretans can help explain what is going on around you.

Third Party Agreements

In order to fund this site some/many of the articles may be sponsored or provided on a paid-for basis and advertising supplies addition income. For example we are registered with Amazon UK (tag ‘realcrete-21’) and other affiliate schemes.

We do however maintain an editorial control and will not knowingly include falsehoods or misrepresentations (help us by reporting the errors)

We will shortly be adding targeted editorials about many places in Crete. These will be offered from only 40 Euros per year, so please email us: “info @ real crete .co.uk” [remove the spaces]

Θα πρέπει να προστεθεί στοχευμένες editorials για πολλά μέρη στην Κρήτη. Αυτά θα είναι από μόνο 40 ευρώ ανά έτος, έτσι παρακαλούμε στείλτε μας email: “info @ real crete .co.uk” i Twitter.

more to follow ..

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