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Aegean adds 15 new destinations

Aegean adds 15 new destinations elladastinkardiamou: Aegean Airlines announced on Thursday plans to strengthen its fleet and flying schedule up to the end of 2014, following the absorption of Olympic Air. The new services will include flights to Birmingham in…

Analogue TV Switching Off


Crete will complete the switch-over from analogue to digital television on February 6 2015.

February 6th, 2015 – W. Crete, C. Crete, E. Crete / Transmission from: Malaxa, Plakalona, Vigla, Kotsifiana, Ahedrias, Rogdia, Pombia, Amari, Livadia, Faneromeni, Lithines, Peristeras, Sitia, Stavros-Neapolis.

Barcelona ends rent control – historic shops replaced by chains

Barcelona ends rent control – historic shops replaced by chains

Do we really want tourists to go home only with souvenirs from a shopping gallery that are made in China and have zero to do with Barcelona?”

The changes are more than the result of the kind of creeping gentrification that has reshaped so many cities worldwide. Here, and across Spain, historic districts are being transformed as tens of thousands of small, often family-run shops face the end of decades of rent controls this year

.. small shops are pushed from historic districts by an inundation of international brands, which are virtually the only ones that can afford the staggering spike in rents.

The rapid turnover has spurred soul-searching and debate about just how far the city should go to protect its distinctive character in the face of the homogenization that accompanies the arrival of multinational chain stores.

The removal of traditional stores from the old city center, known as the Gothic Quarter, is “a criminal loss of patrimony in a city that is getting drowned by big money and international brands and is losing all sense of history, order and proper urban planning,” said Josep Maria Roig, the owner of La Colmena, a pastry shop founded in 1872.

Crete Crocodile Sifis Found Dead

We’re really sorry to report that ‘Sifis’, the crocodile living in the lake of Potamon Dam near Rethymnon has been found dead. Locals have raised concern as the crocodile hasn’t been seen for a couple of months, and the winter…

Crete: Farmers Protesting in the Streets

Crete: Farmers Protesting in the Streets elladastinkardiamou: The farmers in Crete were gathered on Monday morning in the streets of Heraklion. The farmers from every corner of the island, from Ierapetra and Viannos to Messara and Chania, raised their voices against the plans…

Greek VAT Hike June 20 2015

Breaking News of a full implementation of the VAT rates demanded by Europe indicates a general rise to 23% for just about everything, including food, in Greece. In real terms this means prices rises of around 9% Out on the…