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Analogue TV Switching Off


Crete will complete the switch-over from analogue to digital television on February 6 2015.

February 6th, 2015 – W. Crete, C. Crete, E. Crete / Transmission from: Malaxa, Plakalona, Vigla, Kotsifiana, Ahedrias, Rogdia, Pombia, Amari, Livadia, Faneromeni, Lithines, Peristeras, Sitia, Stavros-Neapolis.

Aposelmi dam submerges medieval Cretan village

Cretan village deliberately submerged in reservoir as part of dam project elladastinkardiamou: Aerial footage has emerged of a village in Crete, Greece which has been deliberately sunk in an artificial water reservoir. The controversial Aposelemi dam project, which should solve a water…

Chania – winter weather


το καλωσόρισμα ενός θυμωμένου Δεκέμβρη…..Παλιό λιμάνι Χανίων ~ 3/12/13

the welcoming of a furious December….Old harbour Chania ~ 3/12/13

photo source:Chania Crete by Nikos

Crete: Farmers Protesting in the Streets

Crete: Farmers Protesting in the Streets elladastinkardiamou: The farmers in Crete were gathered on Monday morning in the streets of Heraklion. The farmers from every corner of the island, from Ierapetra and Viannos to Messara and Chania, raised their voices against the plans…

Incredible Sand-storms Hit Crete and Greece

Millions of tons of sand have been blown from the Sahara North Westerly towards Greece, Crete and even Sicily and Southern Italy. Visibility in the resulting ‘fog’ has massively reduced, resulting in traffic and air delays. Other damage is inevitable…