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1st Corfu Beer Festival

1st Corfu Beer Festival


This October, the 1st Corfu Beer Festival was held in Arillas, in North West Corfu. Β It was organised by our local Corfu Microbrewery, in close cooperation with the local community. It took a lot of work, and more than 150 volunteers were involved in the planning, setting up, advertising and actually running the Festival. The Festival lasted five days, from 9-13 October, and it was a bigger success than we could ever have imagined! Thousands of people visited the festival grounds, tasted the beers, local food and local products offered, enjoyed the music and danced along to many different tunes: Corfiot, Greek and German!

Aegean adds 15 new destinations

Aegean adds 15 new destinations elladastinkardiamou: Aegean Airlines announced on Thursday plans to strengthen its fleet and flying schedule up to the end of 2014, following the absorption of Olympic Air. The new services will include flights to Birmingham in…

EU demands contributions increase for Greece, reduces Germany’s & France’s

http://www.standard.co.uk/news/politics/boris-johnson-17bn-demand-from-eu-is-ludicrous-9815789.html yes, Britain isn’t too impressed either. Are they saying that Italy’s and Greece’s economic performance is better than expected too? The “surcharge” — which would add almost a fifth to the UK’s annual contribution of £8.6 billion — is intended…

Ferry at Santorini


Santorini. Athinios

Photo by Katerina Spnal

Free food, free food

Run away, run away

I remember catching the dolphin from that very dock, having arrived on a ferry just like that one. Happy days

Greek VAT Hike June 20 2015

Breaking News of a full implementation of the VAT rates demanded by Europe indicates a general rise to 23% for just about everything, including food, in Greece. In real terms this means prices rises of around 9% Out on the…

Incredible Sand-storms Hit Crete and Greece

Millions of tons of sand have been blown from the Sahara North Westerly towards Greece, Crete and even Sicily and Southern Italy. Visibility in the resulting ‘fog’ has massively reduced, resulting in traffic and air delays. Other damage is inevitable…