Christmas & Skiing in Greece: Sounds surreal to you?

Christmas & Skiing in Greece: Sounds surreal to you?


Although the idea may sound strange at first, be sure that Christmas in Greece will offer a very special break for you and your family. Discover some of the most popular Greek destinations to spend your Christmas holidays.

Most people actually have no idea that there are more than 10 ski centres in the Greek mainland that open with the first snow falls, around early December, and stay open till late February. There are also authentic mountainous villages and beautiful towns that light up their Christmas lights and decorate trees or boats in the central squares.

Did you actually know that till few decades ago people used to decorate boats instead of trees in Christmas, to honor the long maritime tradition of the country? In fact, in many seaside towns and in the islands you will see Christmas boats in the central squares, not trees.

Crete also provides amazing skiing on Lefka Ora (aka appropriately in this context ‘White Mountains’), its off-piste so you have to be good