10 Archaeological Museums

Crete has so much history, it needs a lot of museums to house it! No matter where you are staying, how can you not take a couple of hours and discover for yourself something that was forgotten and believed to exist only in myths.

We have listed the major ones, but look out for local museums and private collections in the villages. These are often an important source of income to the community and though more amateur, are an authentic record of local history and culture. You will also see ancient stonework that has been re-purposed, say, embedded in church wall.


Heraklion houses several of the island’s largest and most important collections.

Museum of Religious Art – Heraklion


Perhaps not so replete in national museums, nonetheless, there are a number of smaller, more specific collections on ancient and more modern cultural history. Chania even boasts a unique Naval museum featuring items from the WW2 invasion.

Byzantine Collection – Chania


On the outskirts of the town, hidden incongruously in an industrial estate, a 15 minute walk from the centre. An amazing collection of Minoan, Greek and Roman artifacts from nearby excavations.


Agios Nikolaos


El Greco Museum

located on the edge of the village of Fodele, west of Heraklion