10 Churches & Monasteries

Crete is of course strictly Orthodox Christian and consequently has many fine churches, monasteries, chapels and shrines dotted all over the island. There are not many places where you are not within a few thousand meters of a fabulous chapel from the 1400’s.
Many religious buildings, beautiful in there own right, are also greatly significant in the island’s cultural history, especially during the 500 year rule of the Ottomans. The Cretans constantly sought independence, trying to overthrow their overlords in a series of revolts. Many monasteries played a crucial role, providing not only protection for wounded or persecuted Cretans, but also hiding supplies and weapons, even acting as fortified bases.

Moni Arkadiou

Panagia Kera

Moni Toplou

Moni Agia Triada

Moni Gouvemeto

Moni Preveli

Agioi Deka Church

Moni Chrissopygis

Moni Katholikou

Agios Nikolaos – Chania