Retrofit for purpose: New green buildings from old

Retrofit for purpose: New green buildings from old

“Technologies such as thermally-efficient cladding, LED lighting, and heat exchangers could save UK businesses £3bn to £5bn a year” – the Carbon Trust, the energy saving advisory body

Saving £36 every week for householders

Residents currently spend about £40 per week on their gas bills. After the retrofit the bills should come down to about £4 per week.”
Martin Montgomery, MD, Gumpp & Maier UK

£30,000 to clad the typical terraced house, for example

Waltham Forest College, a further education college in North East London with buildings dating from the 1930s, has managed to reduce energy costs by 25% so far

Rising energy costs are a key driver in the retrofit movement

Myles McCarthy, the Carbon Trust’s director of implementation:

The bottom line is that greener businesses are more competitive businesses, he argues.

Retrofitting may sound backward, but it could give your business a sustainable future.

The cladding is essentially a sandwich of thermally efficient materials, including double or triple glazed windows, that creates an airtight shell around the existing building to retain heat. This can reduce energy consumption by as much as 10 times, he says.